hi, just want to say, im a mad bastard i play alot of weird stuff like i play alot of flute pieces, violin pieces, alot of that stuff on guitar and i am seeking a guitar synthesizer basically to make it sound like i am playing a piano, oboe, flute, etc etc on guitar ive found one or two pedal proccessors but i was wondering does anyone have any ideas? or whatever and if this effects proccessor is what i am looking for,



any information would be great thanks
yeh that ones actually a pretty nifty little unit i certainly would buy it if i need to play other instruments. and yeh that should have the effects you want.
i have a casio guitar.. dont ask lol, 80's piece of technology, that has a nice sound out of it, but its just i need a more varited type of sound, i can get a jazz organ sound a trumpet sound and a kinda keyboard effect, but i would like to have a few variations of it, basically i need something like this because i do music in school and a portion of the exam is to play a few pieces, so i would play like disney stuff, classical stuff, on guitar but this is just to make it sound somewhat good...
i live in ireland so i will just pick it up from a european store the price is more or less the same, plus i would pay alot on tax and customs to bring that in to ireland, thanks, just wanted some info on the system itself
ah yeh. ive got a boss version of that but mine concentrates more on the effects/amp you use i rarely use it but when i do im stuck on there for a few hours
yeah i would get more fun out of it though its just you need to kind of impress the people you have to play for, its the big exam before you leave school to go onto college/university whatever, so its important and i have to more or less sound good, i use a vox AD50vt the casio guitar sounds nice through it, with a crybaby lol
If you really want to be able to get any type of sound you want, link your guitar to your pc and use it to controll all sorts of VSTi's (softsynths). So much fun!
thanks for your help "azn" i dont really have the capability to do that in the exam i dont think, but thanks anyway
i might do it for my exams since im doing classical guitar i might add some delay see how trippy **** can get