Wasnt sure where to put this, but here it is. I'm having trouble with my calluses. Its not that it dont play long enough to build them or that it hurts. The problem is that they constantly split. So that my fingers allways have bits of skin hanging off them, even my little finger. Ive been playing for a year or so and play fo a number of hours a day, so i would have thought im well pass the 'beginner ' stage. Any ideas because its really starting to annoy me and affect my playing especially when a bit of skin clips a string and stops me playing smoothly. Thanks in advance for any help.
When they start to form, wait untill they start to bulge, or you can see that theres that liquid stuff under the skin.

Then, stop playing your guitar, and leave them for a while to heal. While there healing, dont play guitar, and if it helps, put some plasters around them to stop other things from ripping them.
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it takes time to stop it from happening like that.

same as when you play with different strings and such.
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You are shedding skin, that's normal. Peel off the skins hanging off carefully or you can rip the epidermis off your finger tips and it will take some time before it heals, and it hurts.

However if you are getting blisters, that's not normal.
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However if you are getting blisters, that's not normal.

when you start playing guitar, blisters are normal.
Because your constantly putting your soft skin on metal, your soft skin changes to hard skin after your blisters have healed.

When the hard skin has formed and the blisters have healed, you shouldnt get them again.

I think its a way of the body protecting the nerve endings or something in the tips of your fingers.
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Blisters are a form of protectin on the skin what lets say, there is lots of friction or heat, it helps repair damage to the skin. It contains lymph and some bodily fluids under the crust.

You only get blisters when you fret on the strings extra hard, as in literally bashing onto the fretboard with the fingers repeatedly non stop for over 3 hours, or if you are constantly rubbing the strings, or sliding the strings while exerting lots of pressure on the fretboard.