I'm planning on buying a Marshall amp I found on ebay a week or so ago. It was listed under this title


This is the description for it:

This Marshall JCM 2000 lists for approx. $4,000.00 new! The head has new tubes and sounds incredible! There are two channels and the second channel has an "ultra gain" mode/boost which actually gives you the likeness of having three channels....Serial # of head is: M-1997-49-1053-B
The 1960B 4X12 speaker cabinet sounds amazing too. There are 4 casters for easy transportation. Serial # is: 946544527
New Dual footswitch is included.
Tolex covering is in great shape on both pieces, not much wear or tear

There are pictures of it all and it looks to be in great shape. The problem is, no one bid on it at all. I contacted the seller and they agreed to sell for $1,400 cash which is less than even the minimal bid they were asking. Part of the deal is that I have to pick up the amp, and that was also part of the auction.

I am starting to wonder, did no one bid because not a lot of people can take the time or happen to live near this Ohio to pick up the amp? Or am I missing something here and this is not worth the $1,400 I am planning on paying? It seems to be quite a steal, but I'm relatively new to this (3-4 years) and need to be 100% sure I'm not going to be ripped off.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to set me straight!
Oh, and I'm planning on picking up the amp and making the huge cash payment tomorrow. So if something is fishy, I need to change my mind by then.
$1400 is a pretty good deal. The pick-up situation probably deters most bidders. Figure it's like $900 for the head and $500 for the cab. Those are pretty much market values for that gear in that condition. I'd say go for it.