i'm confused right now on how to get the right arrangement for these pedals.

i currently use

flanger-> chorus -> tremolo -> delay..

is this right or are there other better arrangements?
please explain also..

id stay with that personaly i don't think it matters on where the pedal sits because it can't amke any other sounds so its not going to go from a delay to a overdrive just cause you have swaped it around.
^I think it matters, especially when you have gain based pedals. If you had distortion, then delay - The note you play will be distorted, then repeated by the delay. If you had, delay, then distortion - each repeat of the note from the delay will be individually distorted. They're both gonna sound different. I can't confirm that 'cause I don't have a delay handy. Just a guess.
These go to eleven...
That sounds complicated, what is the main difference between having the tremelo delayed or the delay tremelo'd? And frankv I was born in The Netherlands and lived there for 8 years before I moved to the states.
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i read in a magazine that alot of the pros arrange their pedals: wah/vol,distortion,modulation(flanger chorusdelay etc.) then other pedals, then a compressor/sustainer