Okay, so not too many people know if my Marshall setup in my previous post was a good deal.

So I have a new question.

For around $1000, plus or minus $300, what setup should I get so that I am set for basically forever. I want to get a big amp that is loud enough and quality enough to be "the one". I play mostly small bars... 100 people or so and I play mostly classic rock. For originals, I strive for the Sabbath sound. Mostly metal, but not Pantera metal, Sabbath slow crunchy spooky metal.

Do I want a half stack.. or a combo? I think Marshall is the sound I want.

Where should I look? Ebay? Craigslist?

I'm sick of waiting I have been putting this off for so long because I can't commit on anything, but I finally have the money and I want to get something while I have it.
get a marshall dsl combo, that's in your price range and should be enough for all your needs
i agree with a gabe or a JCM 800 should hit that tone pretty good as well

and no do not get a DSL yes it is a decent amp but not for classic tones its modern voiced you want to get a 800 for classic tones.
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for 1300 you should be able to pick one up used off ebay
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If I were to purchase a head for about approx. 700, how much would a good cab run? And which cab would I want to get?

I dont know much