well yesterday we went to all these shops here in colombia and i found a squier les paul and a epiphone stratocaster just wanted to know if there fake
Epiphone do have a (crap) Strat rip off called the FAT-210.

Never heard of a Squier les paul, but I have seen squier-made hollowbodies, which also look like epi rip offs.

Fake or not, they suck
Squier had something like a Series 24 or something, which had les-paul shaped bodies.
If it says "Squier" on a Les Paul, I'd say that's fake

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It's probably a Squier M-77. There's a review for it in UG. Looks awful.
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i've seen both. try reaching out and touching it. if that doesn't work its probably fake.
Squire makes LP and SG style guitars, and Epiphone does make a strat copy. In case you people have forgotten Squire and Epiphone are owned by Samick, and Fender and Gibson license out their models the Samick. This means that Samick can make a Squire Explorer if they want, or an Epiphone Jaguar.
ya man those are fake!!

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those guys must feel pretty dumb right about now. good job crust_punk
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...In case you people have forgotten Squire and Epiphone are owned by Samick, and Fender and Gibson license out their models the Samick.

Close. The brands and designs are owned by Gibson and Fender. Samick (and other manufacturers) build guitars for them under contract to their specs. But actual ownership belongs to the parent companies. And if Samick (or whoever) want to make a guitar based on one of the big names' models with their own brand name, they have to licence it separately.

That's why it's basically horse shìt when people claim one Korean guitar is significantly better than another similar Korean model from a different brand (like Schecter vs LTD). Chances are, if they cost about the same (gove or take $100) and look similar, they're most likely made from the same woods on the same assembly lines in the same factories. The biggest difference between the brands will usually be the controls and choice of hardware / electronics and cosmetics.
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indeed there not fake i seen em before
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Take some pictures of them and post them.
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i actually have an epiphone strat copy, its from the 80s and it sounds badass, really hot pickups. I dont how the newer ones are though.
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i own a squier SG, pretty awesome first guitar if i do say so myself, course it hardly gets touched now that i own a DV8-R
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What about that Epifender StratPaul thing that one of the guys on this site made? I forget what it was called though.
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those guys must feel pretty dumb right about now. good job crust_punk

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They're real, them companies had stints where they made them guitars for a few years.
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Wow, the Epi Strat looks lame but the Squier Les Paul looks cool. Im confused for why it has the SG crest on the headstock though :S