any help at all is appreciated, i got a roland cube 30 with help off here, n it's perfect

so now i need help with effects
The best one i've seen is the Boss ME-50 , looks really easy to use and isn't unbelievably expensive
surely you shouldnt need effects with the cube?? but anyways the Me-50 is a pretty cool processor, from the limited use ive had with it its pretty nice sounding
Well to be honest, dont get amulti fx. Get something like a Vox wah, a Big Muff and a Boss DD-6 for a nice setup.
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i'm on a budget though, so the best for me at this time would be a multi effects system
i've seen a few pod ones aswel
Your cube has effects built in so a multi-effects wouldn't add much. Get a couple of singe pedals for the effects that you don't have or want to improve.
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