sorry about this noob question guys, i jsut need to know one thing.... i'm thinking of getting an MXR 10-band EQ , adn know that people use EQ's with distortion pedals through the clean channel, and im jsut wondering if you can use it just as an EQ for your distortion channels also. im guessing you can use it through any channel, because its pretty much acts the same way as any other pedal, but just for a different purpose. sorry again for the stupid question, but thanks for your help...
do u mean use that EQ as ur disortion itself? thats wat i was planning on using it for

and sorry to steal ur thread but does anyone think that would work any better or worse than what he's saying?
Unless your amp has a separate effects loop for either channel, there is no easy way to do it. Even if you can't, I highly recommend the pedal. You can make a decent amp sound phenominal. I have yet to use it on my Mesa Rectifier, but with my JCM900 I really got the low end that the amp wasn't putting out. You can also use the pedal as a solo boost, boosting the mids to cut through better.
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yeah i was thinking of using the EQ through the solo channel on my amp becasue i can't get the right tone. ive heard what people say about how you get total tone control from the MXR EQ, and i really like the sound of it. but i jsut did some researching and looked into getting a metal muff, which has a great tube sound i could use through my solid state, and have the EQ after it. ive also been looking into buying a POD xt live, and after listening to about every soundclip and every video clip i could find, i think it would be better if i was to just buy the pod xt live and use the sweet effects on that, instead of getting $300 worth of effects that are already on the pod, which aslo has about 1,000,000 other effects...