I was planing on buying a Standard Fender Strat, but then I read some where that the japanese, are just as good as the american ones, but cheaper. So, I was wondering, where can I safely purchase one? (By safe I mean, I wont get a fake guitar/broken guitar, and other bad things like that)
not as good as usa but not that far off i feel and deffo better than mexican, try e bay i spose
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there are alot of jap strats on ebay. apparently the guy above me isis nto a fan but i have always had successful experiences with ebay.
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hmm if you can't find one look for GOOD mexican strats, my mexi strat plays better than my cousins americans :-/
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hmm if you can't find one look for GOOD mexican strats, my mexi strat plays better than my cousins americans :-/

Im confused. I Thought a Standard Strat is a Standard Strat. Are there like different versions that some make better sound then others and they cost the same? If I where to go to my local shop, how could I tell if its good or not?
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Thats like 120 bucks to ship though

But it's still cheaper then a full blown American Series Strat.

Edit: Plus everything they ship is insured and very well packed. My cousin bought a strat from them and they rapped the guitar put it in the case and then wrapped the case before boxing it.
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just buy an "american" strat off ebay for cheap and youll have your japanese one on the way
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you have to go to asia to get one.... but dont get one from china i bought one for like 100 bucks and it sux balls
eBay, Fender Japan's website, in a shop.
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