i don't get what you mean?

playing without looking sort of thing?

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Though I'm a bassist, I picked up a lead and learned chords. Not just power chords, but open, barre, and poly chords. I now can find any note on the fretboard.
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No, I mean like memorizing like that the 3rd fret on the 5th string is C, the 1st fret on the 2nd string is C, stuff like that.
i haven't really. i only memorized where differant keys are for scales and then connect the scales together pretty much.
Once and a while when your playing, stop randomly on a note and try to say what it is, the more you do it the better you will become, it helps..
Try this exercise by Satriani. Set your metronome at like 60bpm. Then at every beat you must identify a note over all the fretboard. Do it with every note and then increase gradually the speed of the metronome until you can identify almost instantanealy every note. Of couse this will take several months.
play a simple scale like say the pentatonic minor in A or pentatonic major in C which are just CDEGA notes then try to say the notes as you play the scale up and down the fret... thats what im doing now and it takes patience but it works
use this an an excersize
find every not on the fretboard 1 string at a time.

Ex: find all the E's on every string
then go on to the F's
then G's

it takes about 5 minutes. DO it every day and within 2 weeks you will know them alot better
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