How versatile are they? I know they are used for Flamenco and Classical, but can they be used for other styles. I know Clapton used one for "Tears in Heaven" but I'm no Clapton and have enough trouble making a steel strung guitar sound good!

I like playing blues, folk, country, and acoustic versions of rock songs etc. if this helps with your answers.
Clapton used a steel string for Tears in Heaven...

Nylon string guitars are used in jazz fairly often
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Oh. I have a book that says he used a nylon strung guitar. Oh well.

I'm not very jazz inclined yet, it's something I've still to explore fully.

Does Chet Atkins play nylon strung guitars?
i have a nylon stringed guitar and i love it just fine! its very old so it has this nice tone to it. plus nylon strings feel more comfortable to me
nylon's are immensely versatile.

obviously designed for fingerpicking, they are great for folk and jazz.. not sure about blues. Nylon sounds very warm as opposed to the more twangy tone you get from steel - especially in the trebles.

i reckon the classical guitar is great for accompanying softer, airy vocals.. think jose gonzalez, nick drake etc. the only thing i wouldn't use my classical for is for pop songs .. stuff like greenday or david gray etc.

Yeah katie melua and jose gonzalez are famous examples of nylon strung guitar players. And nylon strung guitars are definitely warmer, great for playing classical stuff, but also for accompanying vocals too. Their tone is more coloured, as opposed to steel strung acoustics which I think have a purer sound.
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I have allways wonderd what would it sound like to have a set of steel and a set of nylon sting on a 12 string...or is this another one of my stupid ideas?
I would consider getting one, but I don't want to spend too much in case I don't get into it properly. What are the best budget ones?
Get a cheap Yamaha. Anything more, get a Spanish entry level.

To be honest, comments like 'nylon guitars are softer' are laughable. With some technique and a decent classical guitar, I can play louder than anyone with a steel string acoustic guitar. The tonal colours of steel strings are very limited.

Classical guitars have a much wider palette of colours which requires considerable technique to produce. At the same time, it requires pretty refined hearing to appreciate the tonal colours of a classical guitar.

Both have their separate uses and I'd use both for various purposes.
Willie Nelson does some great stuff on a nylon string guitar. He's got some blusey stuff, too, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do that. I think it'd be pretty versitile...except for stuff like punk/metal.
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