My friend and i put this song together yesterday in about 2 hours. I added the vocals this morning. Its the first track on the myspace, the second turn off the sun is just instruments. Crit plzzzz. If you are up to it, crit "I Miss You In Bed" as well please, but the chances are, we know whats wrong in that one haha.



...oh **** it double posted, SORRY!!!!!
Thats trippy as **** man. I'm liking it. Cool offbeat rhythm to it too. some small timing and key issues but nothing too bad. Its got a cool style.
has a nice prog sound to it. i really like the vocals with the harmony sounds pretty trippy, its a really good melody as well. i agree that it has some timing issues, but its easy to look past. you have a pretty unique sound so thats cool. you could afford to add a little more volume to the lead guitar in the solos. overall i really like this song, and if you cleaned up the timing a little, it would be even better.

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