I didn't really know where to put this, so it can go here for the moment.

Basically, I'm in a band and the vocalist sucks. Like REALLY can't sing. But she got the job because she's my best mate and I really don't think I can tell her she's crap (singing is one of the main things she really loves). Any suggestions on how to let her know or should we just let her sing eh?
record her singing and play it for her, hopefully she'll figure out that she sucks on her own.
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She can't seem to do that though And I know that if I tell her we don't want her she's gonna hate me. My idea is that I just say I want to be like The Misfits/Slayer. Aka we just shout and have a lot of backing vocals which she can do.
Misfits and Slayer sound nothing alike.

All the same, do you want a band or do you want a group of friends who jam?

Because if you want a band, then you have to tell her that she sucks.
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You make it sound like she's been singing for awhile so I'm going to assume that she won't improve much. I suggest you don't kick her out until you have another singer lined up though.
Yeah but the main problem is the best mate thing. And I want to be in a real band.. guess I'll start looking for a new one.

And yeah Misfits and Slayer sound nothing alike but I mean vocals wise, have Misfits style backing vocals but the main are just shouting.
If she is your best friend she is going to understand that you can't attain your dream with her being a direct input into it. Keep her involved and make sure you have her come to shows and stuff but she should understand.
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tell her that her singing isnt the style of singing ur lookin for

I think that's your best bet.

Try to break it to her gently.
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Never again hire friends.
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