One of my friends is saving up for a new bass and wants me to help him choose one, though he has a pretty good idea that he wants the Ibanez SRX300.

He plays alot of rock and metal, and some indie and punk.

He's got a budget of £300, any suggestions?
Im unsure whether he's willing to upgrade pickups but if you could suggest some that'd be great!

THanks in advance
I'd advise your friend to go for the Ebaneezer. It's a good bass for the money and perfectly suited for the styles you mention. It's a real beauty too.
Upgrading the pick-ups is not necessary. If I'm not mistaking this guitar is equiped with Duncan replicas working as good as the original ones. If your friend prefers a single coil neck pick-up instead of the original humbucker, he'd better go for the Ibanez RD right away.