Hey I've been playin a year and I'm looking at buying myself my second guitar after my strat. . . I'm willing to spend as much as £300 and I want something easy to play for a beginner/intermediate. . . If anyone owns an ARX100 or SA260FM could you please post and tell me what you think of your guitar.

A7XS oad
i own an ARX100, seems like im the only one. Its an incredible guitar for its price + great looks. I don't know much about the SA260FM but i do strongly recommend the ARX100. Hoped that helped.
i'm getting the SA260FM soon, i love it, it looks like a vintage trem, but it's actually floating, you can pull up and push down on it, and it stays in tune pretty well, i loved the sound of it, and the feel was great too, very versatile and great looking guitar, idk anything about the ARX100 though
i have an ARX100.. i feel like im the only one, too! ha. well its a great guitar.. i agree with the person above