I have 1 single coil pickup from a strat knockoff in my lap steel. I built the guitar out of maple and have placed the pickup roughly in the bridge position. I'm using the tailpiece from a les paul junior (the wrap-over kind) the pickup has a pronounced curve to the height of the polepieces, more so than the tailpiece. the high E string sounds good, as do the 3 low strings. B and G however are a tick louder and no matter how high i place the pickup sound extremely harsh and aggressive, particularly when a doublestop is played.

Would grinding down the tops of the B and G polepieces slightly balance out the output a little or will that modification be detrimental to the pickup as a whole. are their any other mods that could be done to decrease the treble output of the pickup?
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I think that's probbably the best idea, Unless u want to buy a p/u with rail polepeices or a humbucker and not use one of the coils.

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