When I use my Boss DS-1 stompbox in an effects loop, it loses all of it's bite, and I don't know why. The reason I want it in the effects loop is because my wah pedal works much better in the effects loop, and it behaves the way it used to when I leave my DS-1 out of the loop, as in, when I just run my guitar through the DS-1
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Distortions aren't meant to be ran through the FX loop, run it through the front of your amp.
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Well if you want it to work better and it sounds bad in the effect loop then don't put it in the loop.
Go from the guitar to the wah pedal, the wah pedal to the distortion pedal and the distortion pedal to the Amp. Wah pedals sound different depending where the distortion pedal is placed, neither should really go in the effects loop.

So Guitar -> Wah -> Distortion -> Amp
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Some amps effects loops just naturally blow, simplest thing would just to run it straight in, like everyone say.