Hey, I was wondering what would give me better all round tones:

Duncan Designed HB-102
EMG 81/85

And also...will the Duncan make a HUGE differences compared to the EMGs for metal? Or a slight difference?
Emgs are much higher gain than Duncans, but Duncans have potential for better clean tones, cuz EMG's cleans are pretty bad.
Better pinch harmonics on the EMG's IMO. BUT yea, if you like cleans, then go with the SD. BUt, the EMG-60 has some pretty decent cleans IMO.

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EMG's are great at what they do but they are not a "all round" type of pickup. If you plan to play metal with pinch harmonics then EMGs might be right for you. SD's are much more versitial but for what you get they tend to be overpriced. Save yourself %20 amd get some demozio's instead, or go all out and ket a Set of BMP pickups. In my experiance that "all around" pickup has always been the PAF and I don't see much difference between demazio, or sd in terms of sound so go with the cheap ones. If money is no objesct you can get some of the many lines of bair knuckle pickups. These are wonderful pickups but are relly only worthy the extra money if you have a good amp 1stl.
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those are duncan designed...what guitar did it come on? and EMGS will kill the duncan designed ones
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Emgs, get a 60, they actually have good cleans.
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well your talking duncan design which is like SDs epiphone brand made over seas, and real active EMGs, so the EMGs win in this case but EMGs are a real versitle pickup, if you want metal great pickup, some overdriven blues, great pickup, jazz or anything really clean and sparkly not so much, i hear ppl say the 60 has a good clean tone, it has an ok clean but its a tad bassy and a passive will still kill it on clean tones so its all what type of music your going to play
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