Sooo, I've been getting into acoustic guitar a lot here lately. I'd actually rather play it then my electric now. But anyways the problem is I have a cheap Johnson acoustic. It's the first guitar I got and it isn't bad at all but I really want an upgrade. I have around 800 to spend. I'd rather have a 6 string over 12 right now as well. I am willing to buy used as well. I'm not to knowledgable in Acoustic so any suggestions and information would be greatly appreciated. If possible I would love if yall could give me a brief description of why you suggested that guitar and if you have ever heard/played one. Thanks a lot.
Martin D-15 from MF. One of the few times I would reccomend an MF purchase. You can get the solid Mahogany body for $699. or the Rosewood for $899.
Why I reccomend it, hey it's a MARTIN! (Need I say more?). And yes I have played them. Realized a lifelong dream to own a Martin (solid wood construction) guitar and bought one myself. LOVED tone! But unfortunantly the 1 11/16 neck was too narrow for my large hands and I sent it back. I nearly cried. I'd reccomend going the extra $100. and getting the Rosewood.
BTW: It also comes w/Hard Shell case.
I would also look at the Alvarez MD80 and MD90. Both all solid wood, sound just as good as the Martin D15, and for less money. The MD80 is has an Englemann spruce top and mahogany sides, the MD90, the same top and rosewood sides.

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The only suggestion i have is to find some information on dif wood types and then just going around and playing as many acoustics as u can and find one with a beautiful tone.