hey guys i got a line 6 spider 2 and im having the hardest time finding a good metal tone for it, anyone here got any advice? like how much mid, treble, bass, distortion i should have on it or maybe if someone has a line 6 spider could you tell me what your settings are?
7-8 treble, 3-4 mid, 8-9 bass, distortion boost, maybe a really fast delay, like 20ms or something. and the metal red setting. or insane green, for a smooth metal tone.
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for my Spider II 30W
i use Insane channel
Drive: 7/8
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I own one, it has metal presets but the onboard effects aren't as good as individual effects of some frome the pod or flexitone.
when i had a spider 2 the best tones i got out of it was when i was on the insane channel i had the gain on like 4 or 5 (with distortion boost), boosted to mids to like 8 and bass to like 7 and treble to like 5 And i used delay to colour it.
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Distortion Pedal through clean channel. Seriously, I hate the insane channel. Sounds awful IMO.
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