Anyone get the new GC sale ad in the mail. It has deal where you buy 10 sets of DAddario strings and get FREE Takamine Jasmine S-35 acoustic guitar. Only the guitar pictured doesn't look like the S-35 (camping guitar) I own.
woh, where was this deal? i doubt that any GC would give you a free guitar, no matter how many strings you buy
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I got the Tak Jasmine S-35 with the matte finish. It was last one in the box about 2-3 weeks ago; the last one was on display with a sign with the special. I went in there (GC) yesterday, and the sales guy said they weren't running the special any more due to them running out of guitars.
I've actually seen the guitar in GC... but I wasn't interested in it. I looked at it, its completely laminate and asked why they were even there. The store manager told me they weren't supposed to be out, but the salespeople put them out for some unknown reason. My guess is the manager doesn't know much of anything.

IDK... I suppose it would be good for a beater.... when you consider that you can get the strings alone cheaper, but with the guitar... it is quite a bargain.
i didnt really care bc i already have a great acoustic

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I agree with Bill43, a complete beater. If any thing happened to it, you can use it for firewood.
The deal you are referring to is buy 10 sets of d'addario exp strings which add up to about 100 dollars. you get a jasmine takamine that looks pretty cheap (in quality) imo. yeah i got pressured to buy it, but i just already bought the 10 set of regular XL strings.

sucks because the GC (here in southern california) employees only care about sales and commission. the older crew left and now its employed with a bunch of youngins' who dont know jack squat about music products at all, that will just about to try to sell you anything they can.
I've long ago determined that the only thing Guitar Center is good for is someplace with air conditioning to walk around in and kill some time when something worthwhile doesn't happen until later in the day. It's so much fun to act like you're gonna buy something, but then don't. It really pisses them off. Which is a plus in my book.
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I just left from a brand new GC in Independence. We go ythere for my son's drum stuff, and I bought my Yamaha accoustic there. I keep hearing about, this kid bought this, and they gave him something free (aluminim Tommy Lee drum sticks, another got something else free), when I bought my accoustic Yamaha, they didn't give me any such deal. I think I talked them way down on the cymbals for my son, and I made a few deals with that.
Atleast they could've thrown in some nylon strings for me, even cheap ones, which I asked for, but they started to ring the strings up, so I decided to not buy them at that time. I havne't had nay free deals this month, nor did I want the cheap free guitar, you can buy it on Ebay for the same price or less. So, for buying guitar picks, which I did today,a nd as a general music store, it's good, colorful, has everything you'd want and their prices beats Musician's friend.. Big Dude's is a heck of alot better, but it's too far to buy for guitar picks. I like to go to GC and buy only one 1.99 set of guitar picks, and see what they do.
I went and checked it out. The Jasmine guitar is basically the same as my older one. The (spruce) top is finished in a lighter color than mine (don't know if mine is spruce or not) and mine doesn't have a pickguard.
Still, if you could use a cheapo 2nd guitar for camping/parties or anywhere you might not want to take your fav axe, then IMO it looks like a good deal. The strings @ $10. a set might be just a tad overpriced, but you'll eventually use them and have a 2nd guitar to boot.
If I didn't already own a S-35, I'd have gone for it. But instead I bought the 5 sets of Martin SP's for $20.
GC = sux
I ordered a yamaha fg720sl from them, great guitar and I loved it. The neck was twisted though so I sent it back. It took about a month to get but I finally got the replacement guitar yesterday. I got it and there was a freakin huge crack right down the middle of it. Now I get to wait a whole month to get another replacement again because none of my local shops carry that guitar.
I wasn't happy with GC today at all. Granted, I was there to buy 1.99 picks, and the guy in front of me bought a $1,000 guitar. The guy wouldn't even let me see the small display case. He kept selecting black picks, I wanted pink picks (getting picky now, aren't I?). I wanted the Jerry Garcia picks, but they were out of them. Should've gone to Big Dudes. That'll teach me. That was my second time in there today, I don't live far from it.