It's Sonatina in C Major Op. 36, No. 1... I didn't think that would fit in the thread title, so sorry if I mislead anybody. But anyway, this is an awesome piece by Muzio Clementi, and I dug it up last night while I was looking through a bunch of old sheet music. It's pretty easy, and fun as hell to play. I basically covered this and put it here to see if anyone thought my tone was good. I kind of stole it from my guitar teacher, who I've noticed uses a similar tone when he covers classical stuff. But I guess I'm doing this to show off my chops, to... even though I have none...
Sorry to ramble on and on. I'll bet you just want to get to the song, eh? Heh heh, okay, here it is:
Sonatina in C Major Op. 36, No. 1
not bad but you might needa clean it up a little for the double string plucks other than that quite nice everything else comes out fairly clean just watch the doublt string plucks
Very well done. I haven't heard the original, but this sounds great. I love the tone on the guitar, keep it up.

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what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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