The detune presets on my whammy don't work. All that happens when I switch to them is that it produces a phasery type sound, and there's no alteration is the note. They are both the same and rocking the pedal back and forth doesn't seem to do anything. Please help.
I'm not a big pedal techy, but I'd say that's something you probably would have to get a proffesional to look at.
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You mean the section at the top, with deep and shallow settings, if i remember right. Thats the sound it is supposed to produce, when it says detune it means a slight detuned signal mixed with your dry sound producing a chorus sound, i actually like this chorus better than any dedicated pedal, i use it more than the harmony and pitch shifting functions of the whammy.
Yeah I think it was meant to Make your guitar sound like a out of tune piano (or something similar) Producing a chorus or Phaser like sound,
Yes I use those settings all the time and that is what they are suposed to do. I use them both as sort of a Chorus effect. When you put the pedal down it makes the effect more intense and visible, when the pedal is back, the effect doesn't come out as visible.