Hey guys, we're in the process of re-redoing "No Happy Ending" from scratch.

On myspace is the original demo recorded. Bare with the song and timing issues... we wrote and recorded and uploaded the entire song in like 2hrs... but it turned out pretty cool for a quicky~

Check it!!!

"I don't want to be hostile. I don't want to be dismal.
But I don't want to rot in an apathetic existence either.

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critting as i listen

the guitars sound nice, the rhythm guitar especially. the lead sounded awesome in some parts, other times it didn't seem to really fit in

the vocals...it sounds like the singer (idk if that is you or not) has a good voice, but the vox are not really my style, almost a little oversinging if that makes any sense. i'm an awful singer so its hard for me to judge

the sound of the song in general is really good, nice tone to the guitars, everything is played well, the song holds my attention...one thing is it sort of calls for another section, it seems to be building up to another part, but that part never comes...overall i really liked it but i think it could be improved
Hey, I'm gonna listen to this tomorrow, I'm on a 56K line, so I cant hear it, therefore I just wanted to leave a message saying I'd get to it, because I c4c. I'll edit tomorrow with what I think.

Okay, I like the beginning riff. Dont like the vocals at all. The lead parts are okay. unnecessary though (unfitting IMO). The lead right before the grandfather line was nice. Reminds me of Smile Empty Soul. Its not my style, but I suppose its okay for your style. The ending isnt very cool, and I couldnt tell if there was a solo or not. All in All I would call the song flat. With no real Climaxes or things of that type.
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Critting as i listen..

Not a fan of the first 2 dead chordss. The singer does have a good voice but needs to make sure he controls it and hits the notes perfectly. A few were off. The tone of the lead guitar and the direction you've taken with the verse are a bit contradictory, ie, the tone denotes hardcore, but there's really nothing going on? Maybe add a bass line or simple percussion? all just suggestions.

Was expecting it to build up to something and really kick in, but it never really does which was a bit dissapointing. On the whole though, I liked the melody, guitar tone was good, record quality was decent but I think you could have done a lot more with it

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Thanks for everyone's input. This was the very first song that me and the singer ever made as we just met. We wrote this song from thinking up the lyrics to on paper, writing riffs, to recording it to audacity, and transferring it to MP3 formant in 2hrs. It's a basic demo concept of a song that we're hoping to make into something special.

I'm very impressed with the feedback that we're getting with it... we recorded it direct plugged into the PC then tracked over with a $19.99 mic plugged direct into the PC. I would have never thought in a million years such low budget, quick song would get the positive feedback that it gets.

Again, thank you! If you like what we're about, add us to myspace... also check out "SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS" !!! DEMONIZED OFFER FREE DOWNLOADS SO HELP YOURSELF... TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT DEMONIZED!

Have a wonderful day.
"I don't want to be hostile. I don't want to be dismal.
But I don't want to rot in an apathetic existence either.

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Nice job recording with little equipment, sounds really good to me. I really like the vibe and the lead work fits pretty well. It feels unfinished though cause it seems to build up but doesn't really go anywhere. Maybe add another part with some big chords or somethin that would really complete the song (just a suggestion, you probably intended the song to be like it is). Also nice work by the singer, lyrics seem well written.