Anyone who loves Elliott Smith will tear up whilst listening to this CD, I promise. Honestly the best tribute CD I have ever owned and its even more powerful because I know some of the artists that play on it (local Portlanders) and know how much they loved Elliott. Even from the inside flap your just rushed by emotion, seeing the subtle dedications by the artists. And normally I would be afraid that people would kill the magic that Elliott had in his songs by covering them but they dont, in fact the redone versions complement those songs even more via different styles and vocals. check this CD out, you wont regret it.: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000E1MY86/104-0425794-7074301?v=glance&n=5174

I heard it sucked.

Errr, wait, I think that was the other Tribute one.

Anywus, quite honestly, I just can't see anyone else play Elliott Smith's music aside from Elliott really.
There are the few covers that are quite nice, like Rilo Kiley for example, but usually, it doesn't come out so great.

I'll try looking into this one though.

Okay, I'm going to contradict myself and see this from another person's perspective. If I were someone who had never heard of any of these artists and had no personal ties with any of them or knew their various connections with Elliott this would not be nearly as powerful as it is solely a tribute, and thus can never be better than the originals. However, it would still be the best tribute CD I would own. So ya, still a good buy.
I saw it at the record store a while ago, I was tempted, but optted out for the real deal
That decemberists cover looks enticing.
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listening to some of the samples and i like the needle in the hay cover and the decemberists cover sounds cool as well