I was pissed off at my brother the other day, so I turned my amp (Spider II 30 watt) up to about 9 so I couldnt hear him anymore. Later when I took it back down to the 2-3 that I normally use it on, I noticed that its not as punchy as it was before. It sounds very bassy now on any setting I use. I have my tone knob at 10, and im on the bridge pickup, but it doesnt have the punch it used to. Would me turning up my amp that loud have ****ed it up, or do you think it could have been something else? thanks
Maybe your paranoid? If tommarow it still gives you the same problem get it checked out by a proffesional. Or maybe get a new cable.
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well, call me crazy but it sounds lke your speaker is a little worn. :p
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well if you never have it up past 3, and then you cranked it it may have done something, i dunno
Mabye your ears are used to the loud sound so it sounds a little diffrent, i had the same problem cause i turned mine up, but try it tomorrow and it might be ok..if not, you ****ed yourself over.
when you're stressing your ears very hard, your sensitivity to treble is less at low volumes.
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