A couple days ago I went to the guitar store then I told the guy there that my fretboard is a bit greasy and sticky then the guy recomended this Dunlop lemon oil and I was woundering how do you you apply it with the "dap-o-matic"applicator for anyone who has used it before.
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You probably just have to tip and squeeze and WHAM-O! instant cleanliness.

Note: Will be uneffective on maple. Rosewood and ebony will get clean.
do you honestly need a "dap-o-matic" for applying lemon oil to your fret board?
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i just put mine on a dry cloth and rubbed it over. whatever u do use it sparingly, just barely coat the neck. mine was thick with the stuff and smelled for weeks.
Rub the lemonoil into the rosewood. It smells nice. Mix in some vanilla extract to make it smell even nicer. No ****.
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Or, stay the **** away from impure oils that will damage your guitar.

Only use pure lemon oil (as bought in a pharmacy) or pure bore oils.
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That lemon oil works well but yes only use enough to clean or it will smell of lemons for a long time i happen to like that smell though
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