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Alright so my question to everyone is do u know of any bands out there that have a middle eastern vibe to them? I talking about like Robert Plant's new style type of stuff. Like the song The Enchanter. Its got those minor type scales and that arabian feel that i love. It doesnt matter if its from 40 years ago or present day but if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.

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try The Cure- Killing an Arab, one of my favorite cure songs and incorparates a lot of middle eastern scales...

System of A Down has a lot of stuff like that too.

Try some Al Di Meola as well.
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some beatles and stones stuff like love to you or paint it black
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Also i don't mind if its in arrabic, hebrew, turkish......or greek
Gib·son: noun. A dry martini garnished with a small pickled onion.
if you like tech metal, Nile have a massive Egyptian influence. if not, check out Karl Sanders' solo project, Saurian Meditation. its essentially modernised Egyptian music.
Muse have some slightly Middle Eastern influenced songs, Assassin, Exo-Politics and City of Delusion.
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Secret Chiefs 3, a band formed by ex-members of Mr. Bungle, have heavy Middle-Eastern infuences. They made a couple of nice records.
anything by nile or karl sanders
Lykathea Aflame seem to have a middle east vibe in their melodies too
John Mclaughlin's Shakti

U. Srinivas

V. Selvaganesh

L. Shankar

R. Shankar
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The Derek Trucks Band, which is very big on World Music, has a lot of songs with Middle Eastern influence.

Ravi Shankar, who taught George Harrison how to play sitar, is from Bangladesh, and he has a very relaxing, trippy, almost "stereotypical" Indian sound.

George Harrison, whether with The Beatles or on his own, has some songs that include the sitar, and are therefore very Middle Eastern.

Robert Plant, as you know, is a big fan of Middle Eastern music, so a lot of his material from his solo career will have influences from this type of music.

Indian Ocean, who are from India, are extremely talented musicians who sing in Indian, but have a mix of rock music and Middle Eastern influences. They are awesome improvisors, and will play long, groovy songs.
Dick Dale's "surf guitar" style is heavily based on Middle Eastern melodic sensibilities. Also, check out Jeff Buckley's "What Will You Say?" If Pakistan is Middle Eastern enough for you (I know, I know, it's not in the Middle East), try some Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He recently did some work with Eddie Vedder.
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The Strokes - Vision of Division on their new album has a rocking mid-eastern style guitar solo!!