Would it make it sound a bit more like a full orchestra? Or a full violin/viola section? Or at lesat maybe a 5-person section? I've never played using a chorus pedal but I was curious. Not actually guitar-related, but involves guitar pedals. What pedals would you guys recommend?
Oh god, ive forgot what its called, a harmonizer i think, it mutiplies your sound, but a chorus gets a good effect, i wouldn't see an orchestra sound coming out of it though lol
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no it dosent add an orchestreal (sp) sound. it makes it all wavy like. i cant explain it. ive got the boss one. good stuff. but not what you need.
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the chorus wont sound like an orchestra because your detuned note shifts in pitch back and forth for the wobbly effect. maybe if you had a bunch of whammys all set up at different intervals with tiny amounts of delay here and there you could sound like an orchestra but it wont be good bacause all the instruments would be playing the same thing.