my input in my guitar is messed up, the cable doesnt stay in all the way. is there a way to fix this? or would it just be better to buy a new one? and anyone kno where i can get them and the price range? will any brand fit any guitar? i saw some on ebay for like $3 but i dont kno if those r crap and it they will fit my guitar.
go to guitar center.
they will help you.
take your guitar too.
yall could have a great journey together.
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ok ill be going to a shop probably in a few days, but i just want to kno if i get get them cheap online, unless they r like $5
inputs are like $5
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ok thx, u kno if i have have a certian kind or are they one "size" fits all?
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Or more likely, you just need to bend the prong a smidgen.
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Usually, you only have an output on your guitar.

Not to be a jerk or anything, just wanted to point out that while electricity could flow into the guitar and make the strings vibrate, it's unlikely, and most of the time the jack on a guitar is used as an output.

If you really are talking about an input, it's probably an XLR input, so you can connect a mic to your guitar and maybe your guitar has a speaker and amp built in. You can buy an XLR jack for $5 or less still, but there will be three leads to solder. Most XLR jacks don't have a hole to stick the wire through, more like a spot on the end of the little "stick" that makes the connection where you solder on the new wire, with a not-very-strong mechanical connection. I'd suggest melting some solder in that "trough" before sticking your wire in it.
Yeah, you put the lead into it, so input it is. Who the feck cares?

Uaually you can bend the clip on the jack inwards a bit and it works.
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i tried bending it but when i put the cable in it just bent it back.