I bought a guitar and the neck pickup doesn't work. Well that's what I thought it was because on the pickup selector. The last two clicks going to the neck. Didn't produce any sound I thought it was the neck pickup but now. I think it's the pickup selector in Position 4 it's the middle and neck pickup together right? So if it was a bad neck pickup wouldn't there been some kind of sound?
No, it could possibly be like christmas light bulbs, when one doesn't work they all don't work. There might be a lose connection
I think the middle pickup will still work even if the neck pickup is disconnected or dead. i have a dead middle pickup in my tele and the 4th and 2nd slector positions still work, but your guitar coudl be different. open her up and take a look around to make sure everything is still in order. if you are not comfortable doing this, you'll need to take it to a shop.

here is a link to what the wiring should look like.


(if you need more assistance try posting in the gear building and customization forum, those guys are all big electronis nerds and may be able to help you more.)
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it might be a wire going to the switch.

the top click is just for the neck.
the second click down is for the neck and middle.

but if the 3rd click down works, then the middle pickup is connected. so there's a good chance the wire from the neck pickup to the switch is loose.

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