Many people say that john frusciante will be the next jimmi hendrix, both consumed heroine, both improvise a lot , they are very alike
His playing style resembles Jimi a lot, but I wouldn't call them the next Hendrix.

There will never be another true Hendrix.
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your right, a black guy will never play guitar again.

not being racist
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Hendrix was revolutionary, no one had ever done what he did. Therefor to be like Jimi Hendrix you would also have to be revolutionary. But if you just copy him thats not exactly revolutionary. This is why there is never going to be another jimi hendrix or jimmy page or whatever. The next great guitarist is going to just be themself
Um, dude, Frusciante has been around for around 25 years now. His best days of guitar playing are likely behind him. If he were to be the next Jimi Hendrix.....he would already be.

However, there can be no "next Jimi Hendrix". History proves it time and time again every time imitators come out of the woodwork. At this point, just accept Frusciante for what he has done, which is quite remarkable itself without having to make these damn comparisons. Anything else we get from him in the future would just be icing on the cake.
This thread, like every other one like it, is pointless and fact based.

Frusciante is talented, very talented. I just saw RHCP in Denver on Friday. Great show. But to say he's the next Jimi Hendrix is retarded. He hasn't reinvented the guitar for shit.

The next best players to come out of this world will guys like Derek Trucks, John Mayer (I hate to say it, but he's coming along very nicely), Shawn Lane, et al.

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