First off, I have an Ibanez TB100r.

It was working great then poof, the distorted channel goes pretty much dead with the guitar coming through when strummed, but dying as soon as I stop, the clean channel works great.

I (being the dumbass I am) didn't send in the warranty. If any knows how to fix a problem like this pleease help me. Thanks.
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is it tube
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I don't know much about Amps and stuff...but I sorta' had a similar problem going from clean to lead on my Amp settings. Clean just used volume...lead used...well...everything else...so maybe the other knobs and **** are turned down, or aren't set properly ?

I dunno really...just a thought that came to mind.
yeah i am having a weird problem with my TBR 50, i dont get any signal from it when i have a chord in it, its not the chord i tryed it out on a friends amp. Now im pissed but im going to go to where i bought it tomorrow and see waht i can do, if you guys have any suggestions please let me know PM me please lol, but dude, dont by another Ibanez amp, maybe the Thermilion but other then that no way, im going for a Fallen Angel next time
Power valve problem.
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No it's not a tube, thanks for everyone else. i'll check some of those things
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