This is a song my friend and I made on Garageband, called the universe is expanding, and I would appreciate some comments and crits, which i will return


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First off, the talking annoyed the hell out of me because I couldn't understand it, but that's just me being anal.

The quality is really good and it's really dreamy.

The drum beat is really cool too.

The little lead parts you throw in are really cool.

I don't really like the part where all those weird synths come in, I don't think it fit the song too well.

Hahahha, now that talking is REALLY starting to annoy me.

It gets really repetitive, but I think that's what psychadelic rock is all about, so that could just be my biase talking.

The part where the distortion rhythm kicks in and it starts sounding more rock-ish is cool but turn down the lead in the mix a bit.
I like the weird stuff at the beginning. The drum beat is really cool. Feels really hip hopish. I like that. I like the effects and the strings. I guess I'm the only person that isnt pissed off about the talking. Its okay, not necessary, but still kind of cool. THe part where it feels like its about to break around 1:30 was a good call. I like it as a whole. Its good. Repetitive, but not boring for me.

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The intro kind of reminds me of either Limp Bizkit song, or a Cypress Hill song from Stoned Raiders (

Very catchy riff. This is one of those things I would put on repeat for days over. The one track layer I didn't like as mch was the bowed bass... it sounded as though it was in a different key as the rest of everything. I don't know if the vocals are supposed to be an important part of a song, or just kind of a backing track, but they are kind of quiet if they are supposed to be understood.

This song would be a great video game theme song... I can imagine running around in Half Life with this in the background. The bass line during the guitar solo does not match up with the backing guitar all that well (I'm a bass player, so I'm picky about things like this ).

This was kind of a sloppy review since I just write down everything while I'm listening to the song. Overall, it was awsome. It just gets a little bit repedetive...

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Crit as I listen...

Okay? sitting here for 2:34 in and still waiting for the song to begin... all I hear is talking and some annoying syth stuff. wait I just heard a guitar bend.... okay that was short. Now i hear some.. wait 3:32 and I hear a lead.. glad the talking stopped! The lead is boring, I was hoping for something more after that long build up. Okay, it's over.

It's not fair for me to give you a crit.. I really didn't enjoy it at all! I would say ditch this concept and do something from scratch.

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I like it. The beat is really cool, super catchy. The one thing is that I don't think the synth part fits the song super well, at least the way it comes in. Maybe it would sound better if the transition was a little smoother.
I'm really liking it dude. Some sick psychedelic ****. Dont take the talking out!, thats the trippiest part. Its some perfect chill stoner music. Right on, Keep it up.