i was wandering, those hand strengthener things. (the ones with springs that you udo like, lifting weights with your fingers) do those help at all? they seem like they would.

^^thats what it looks like^^
well actually, i think that it is harder on the frets at between, 1 and 4 or so... but would this be worth the money is what i am asking? its about 15$
that's what I mean, the lower frets.

So no I don't think is worth the money. It might exercise the wrong muscles for all ya know..
its meant for guitarist though... so i doubt it would be training the wrong muscles, they also have those calous builder caps u can buy too for that thing
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Finger strengtheners are for people too lazy to play the chromatic scale all the way up the neck...
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Think how that would work. Picture the hand motion you would use for the gripmaster. Now picture the motion used to bend. They arent the same, to bend you extend the fingers, not squeeze. Even if it does help a bit, no better way than actually playing your guitar.
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