Hello all,

I'm looking to buy a electric guitar, amp and whatever else that I may need. I have absolutely zero experience with guitars (completely clueless!). I've recently been doing alot of research into electric guitars, both on this site and on some others, and I still have almost no idea what to get. I read that the Roland Microcube is a good beginners amp? I was originally gonna get a Squier Fat Strat Pack, but the info on UG seems to show otherwise (the wood is bad?). Hows Ibanez or Dean? Sorry I really have no idea, please help me with selecting all the items I need to start playing.

I think I'm looking to play mostly rock and jazz. My budget is $300-400 (including amp and accessories), preferably on the low end of that. I really would like a versatile guitar/amp that I could learn to play guitar and enjoy it. Oh and I need advice on whatever accessories I need to purchase.

Thank you very much!
It'll sound like sh*t no matter how much money you throw at it until you can play.

So just get whatever.

Don't listen to the forum.

Pretty much every guitar in your price range is equal.
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The micro cube would be a really good starters amp, the best thing to do for the guitar is get a buddy/relative that knows shiat about guitar to go to the shop with you and find the best guitar for the price. As long as it can be set up properly with no major problems you should be fine. Don't worry about sound, you probably wont have an ear for that anyways.
Sound is all in the amp.
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( bean-o) ^^ right and i definitely reccomend the cube as a starter amp. I would say an ibanez would be a good starter guitar (its what i started with)
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Bean-o is right, and same with StaggHound, all the guitars in your range are equal, but what i would suggest just becayse it is very versatile, is the Ibanez GSA 60, its got a pretty deacent humbucker for distort, and 2 single coils, Also the neck is very thin an good for begginers