Im looking to replace the pickup in my p.o.s. old musicman replica I am currently re doing.

And I have no clue what to pick to replace the pickup on this thing.

If anyone can help me i'd really appreciate it, what im looking for in a pickup is to be able to:

1. Handle lows, I don't play terribly low but i do play in Eb, and sometimes i drop the d in Eb.

2. I love to slap, an awesome punchy tone would be sweet.

3.Clear, crisp, awesome tone.

The bass has one tone control and one volume control.

I want it to sound like a high end bass, ill have a new bridge, nut, tuners, all of it redone, so what pickup would I need to accomplish this? Any and all suggestions are appreciated, thank you very much.

Oh and suggestions for a bridge, nut and tuners to make it sound good with the pickup, or anything, please tell me .
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Check out Bassline Pickups by Seymour Duncan - http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/basses.shtml - good Musicman Replacements.
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