I recently bought a used Gibson Les Paul Custom Alpine White. Its an awesome guitar. Im very satisfied with it. Heres the problem. There are some orangeish stains on the guitar. One near one of the strap buttons, one one the back and one new te pickup switch. Whats going on? I didnt let it near the ground and i always wipe it with a cloth after im done playing. Could it be the case? Its the one that comes with the guitar. I havent worn any orange clothes lately. How can I get em off? Anything else?

thanks in advanced
it wouldnt be the case because the whole back of the guitar would be staind orange- to get them off use a water/ bleach solution and just rub the stains with a rag- make sure to rinse thoroughly other wize the finish might come off- actually that may be the cause of the stains themselves

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i guess it could be from rubbing the finish.
do u have any pictures?

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