I'm liking it .. it's very "real". I like the progression and am a fan of the vocals... they were only flat in one or two places. Good attempt at the harmonies there but it didn't quite fit in. Still keep a harmonys in there but try someething different. Maybe try up an octave if you can.

"All in its place" kicked in straight after so I had a listen. Really like the progression in this one. You jump up an octave in the chorus of this one, try the same with the harmonies of the first and see how it goes.

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Very nice, man... has a hint of John Mayer in there. Not the most exciting song but I enjoyed the whole thing. I don't know though, some of the lyrics seemed a little cheesy and dull... not very creative, maybe you could spice that up a little bit. But overall pretty good.

crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=420503
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