Im about to get a vox ac30 but i have only played the one with the neodog speakers. i loved the sound but do u guys think it would be worth paying more for the celestions?
Play with both, and see which one you like. If you end up liking the celestions and have the money, go for it. But, you may end up liking the neodogs instead, so, play both of the first.
Try it. but I personally think Celestions are the only way to go. Which kind of Celestions?
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Play both, but if you loved the sound of the one with Neodog speakers, you might aswell buy that one.
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they are celestion blue speakers. the big problem is thatthe local guitar shop doesnt have the one with celestions
In a case like this you will just have to try both to see which sound you like better. Both are very good speakers that sound great. I know people that prefer each, so just go with the ones you like best.