I've only been to Guitar Center, but I can never find the nice classical guitars (such as the Yamaha Grand Concert, Esteve, Alhambra, Alvarez, etc.). I've heard so much about them, but have yet to try one out. Anyone have any leads?
Yamaha GC isn't worth the price. Lack of tonal character and volume.

Sorry I don't stay there so I can't really help me. Did you try researching online?
Go around your town and look for the lil guitar shops. They usually have classical. I got my classical from h n h music which is mainly a piano store.
try any pawn shop u never know some time it pays to check them out!!!
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I just called the local shops after doing a local yellow page search, they have no sort of Alvarez, Esteve, Alhambra, etc guitars =( I need help! Anyone know how else to search?