this is just me kind of expressing my thoughts at the time i wrote it.
critique it and tell me what you think, i'll do the same for you.

Your green eyes are gorgeous
And I can?t get to sleep
You told me that you once loved me
I wish I could have told you the same

You say I just haven?t applied myself
That I haven?t gotten into anything lately
But I can?t stop thinking about you
And I can?t keep my mind off you

I can?t have fun without wondering
What you are doing right then
When I laugh I wonder if you would have loved it
And laughed just as hard as me.

We both agree that saying goodbye
Is a complication that seems pointless
And much too hard to deal with
We know we?ll see him again

I wonder if that is what keeps me
From applying myself for you
Afraid of what will happen when
I have to say goodbye to you

It makes me sick thinking about
Having to part ways with you
I?m gonna have to keep myself
Away from me
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seems kind of redundant to where you repeat yourself over and over. i like the theme though, it makes me wonder a lot of background stuff too like who's "him"? keep working on it!