Poll: Marshall MS-2 or Fender Mini Tone-Master amp?
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View poll results: Marshall MS-2 or Fender Mini Tone-Master amp?
Marshall MS-2
9 60%
Fender Mini Tone-Master
6 40%
Voters: 15.
I didn't even know fender had a mini amp. I guess I learned something today.
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get the vox mini amp.... ya know, that one thats always advertised on the back of guitar world..... yeah you know that one... with the black guy with the camo gig bag, and the little bettery powered vox.....
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^ the vox and the cube arent mini amps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, having owned both amps in the poll...i can honestly say that the Fender mini amp is WAY better sounding than the Marshall. Theyre both about the same volume; same wattage (2watts I believe) and both have two 3" speakers.

Either way theyre both going to sound like ass lol
yep they both sound like absolute crap. but hey for the novelty factor of putting it in your gig bag and pulling out your guitar on the beach with ure 2 watts of awesome power . that said the vox DA-5 although a lot more expensive is pretty damn small too, smaller than the microcube i think!
Both are terrible.

Seriously, amazingly bad sounding. If you aren't willing to pay over 100 bucks, just don't buy anything. An unplugged guitar will sound better.
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What about a Smokey Amp?

Probably like $20-$30 on fleabay. I picked mine up for $25 locally.

Small enough to through in a case or gig bag, powered by a 9V battery.

Don't have any experiences with the others. Maybe someone else who does can chime in?
u might as well get the smokey, or danelectro bacon and eggs. because they are only $20 or so.

cause they all sound like ass. anything thru a tiny speaker sounds, well... tiny.

if u must, then, danelectro honeytone mini for around 50bucks sounded better than the fender/marshall mini.

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