I was just wondering what kinds of chords these guys use to get those different sounds, like they don't just use powerchords or anything or open chords (unless they are just moved up the neck maybe?) but those seem to be all I know. I really like the sounds of those chords but don't have any idea how to make them or even where to start to copy them? they seem to be played in blues a lot and i'm just now getting into blues and i really like it.... please help me!!!!
augmented 9th chords
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All of them use 9th chords quite a bit.
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alright, now the next question...is there a site that can show you how to make 9th(augmented) chords?
think about it for a second

major chord - 1 3 5

7th chord - 1 3 (5) b7

Augmented - 1 3 #5

Augmented Ninth (which is an extension of the 7th)?
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sorry im not a big chord guy so that's why i was asking, but you just kinda confused me on how to make an augmented ninth
alright thanks a lot for your help guys...i guess i got a lot of chord theory to learn
like would it be
1 3 #5 b7 b9
or would it be
1 3 #5 b7 9
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