I recently bought a jay turser SG with p-90 pickups, but i would like to switch to humbuckers. Would i have to recut the wood to fit the humbuckers? If so could i get the dimensions and reccommendations on which two humbucking pickups to buy.
well heres the bad news, p90s are thinner than a humbucker but they are also wider than a humbucker so you'll have to both cut out wood and fill in space and re finish, its really not worth it, but you can do it, it might take a ton of work and time and effort and money though.....and p-90s sound great anyway.
P-90s are wider than humbuckers. You can get P-90 sized humbuckers. That's what you should go for. Check out the offerings by Rio Grande.
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no, that is a P-90 shaped like a humbucker, you want a humbucker shaped like a p-90

EDIT: http://www.dimarzio.com/ go to the bottom and press "soap bar" for P=90's and p-90 shaped hums
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wow they have p-90 humbuckers.....those problably sound amazing......better start saving up................