I want an envelope filter effect pedal, but I need some help picking one out..

I'm kinda looking at the Digi-Tech Synth Wah, but I'm a little skiddish about digitech.. would you recommend this pedal?

If not, which one would you recommend?
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Look at Electro-Harmonix too, great pedals.
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The Green Line 6 one, Its like 175 british punds, John Frusicante uses it for some pretty ****ed up noises so im sure it will suit you
+1 to the line 6 FM-4 absolutely awesome pedal, cant wait to get one.......just listen to throw away your television by RHCP to get an idea of some of the sounds
Yeah, the FM-4 is really sweet. I mean I absolutely hate line 6, but even Ill concede that they did a superb job on the FM-4.

So Id go with the FM-4 or Q-tron
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