hi there...well me and my friend were jammin around as normal the other day and we decided to try doin some recording with his little computer mic....we imporvised the basic song around a little thing i came up with (he was on drums) than we just recorded a couple improvised guitar solos over it...(well main guitar solo was 2 takes...one improvised than we just took what we liked from it and recorded again)

well i really like home it came out and would love to see what other thought about it. criticism will be greatly appreciated.

the recording is at:


(really sry bout crappy volume....and warning : solo volume is quite a bit louder than the rest of the song so you might wanna turn it down a bit) it was recorded using my stock MIM strat run through my brand new traynor ycv50 gotta love the tubes.
also does anyone no of a cheap way to make better recordings...my friends brother has a studio mic...but what else would i need to run it into the computer?

thanks alot