I am getting my first electric guitar, but i am having some diffulcities deciding where to start. Ive narrowed down my choices to either a fender or an ibanez.

Im open to other's of course

Any price range

pls help
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Yes any price range

Well, if you weren't just starting out, I'd recommend something like a PRS 24 Custom or something like that, but I'd say something along the lines of what the guy above me said.

Me, I started out with the guitar in my sig. It's about a $400 guitar, but was on sale for $180 at MusiciansFriend. It was a mid-range Ibanez and it had a whammy, so I figured it would be a fine beginners guitar. Just search for something like that.
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if any price range get like a highway 1 strat and a nice amp like a fender twin reverb
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what music do you play? what amp do you have?

id recommend a Mexi Fat Strat and if you dont have an amp a Roland Cube
go to ur local music store, try out some guitars and pick 1 that u like for a good price

if someone tells you to buy a guitar and you listen to them and you get it online or something, most likely it wont be exactly what you want
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