Hey guys, I'm having a dilemma. I already have a Randall amp, but now I deciding between setups. Here they are:

Washburn WI64
Randall RG75DG3
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone [more gain]
MXR Smart gate [for feedback due to high gain]


Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Randall RG75DG3
MXR Smart gate [for feedback due to high gain]
[No gain pedal cuz EMGs have high gain]

I play a lot of metal, but I also want a very versatile setup. Which do you guys think would be a better decision?
I vote for the Washburn. Nice guitars and good prices.
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i say the second one
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Try this:

- Washburn
- Upgrade pickups to high gain pickups, other than EMGs
- ISP Noise Decimator
- Randall (there are better, but if you have it already, no use in worrying about it)
- Forget about the wireless....unless if you want to lay out $500 for one, they're crap.
actually the PGX system is alright from Shure and cost like $370 or so but yeh expect to pay more than $300 for more gigging work