does any one have one or ever played one if so let me know what you thought or ay information oyu can give me on one. Or if anyone could get me a price that they normaly sell for that would be great.
what in gods name is a schecter strategy..is it a japanese model, cuz there isnt any schecter sold in america called the strategy..a link would be nice
Go get your shovel.
i dont have a link my mom is out of state and asked me if it was worth the money and if it is she is going to buy it
Here's one on ebay. From the information provided, it's a strat clone made in the 80s. Judging from the copyright infringing headstock, it must've never been sold on America. I've never heard of this thing before, but the Schecter I currently own is pretty awesome. Although it does depend on the specific features of the particular guitar your mom's found, if the price is right, go for it, I'd say.
seems decent. bridge seems to be a rip off of Kahler trems esepcially with the locking nut behind the nut. aside from that you gotta really play the guitar of course that model looks decent and i would probably buy it but the price of course as well. so yeh you gotta take a chance mate